Live Endorsements generate efficient and high ROI. 

For fraction of the cost of competitive “new media” and TV campaigns; our client’s live endorsement campaigns, along with their own well managed web and social media, slaughter their competitor's sales results.

Myth Reality
Live AM/FM Radio is Dead. Everyone listens to Digital.
AM/FM is by far the goliath for weekly reach, with 92% of all Americans reached each week (source 2018 Nielsen).
When Westwood One asked media staff what live AM/FM radio’s weekly reach was, the answer they got was 64%.
Compare 92% of AM/FM Radio Weekly Reach to:
TV = 88%
Blu-Ray = 15%
Game Console = 15%
Internet Connected Device = 35%
Radio = 92%
Internet on any computer = 60%
APP/Web Smartphone = 79%
APP/Web Tablet = 47%
(Source: Nielsen/Westwood 2018)
FOR ALL TYPES of Radio Listening, today, LIVE AM/FM is tied with streaming sources!
The MAJORITY of ALL radio listening is Live AM/FM in 2016, according to a recent Edison Research. AM/FM RADIO SHARE is 52%!
Digital, Satellite & devices may = just 1 or 2 radio stations- maybe!
ALL of YouTube Radio Listening = 6%
TV Music Channels = 6%
Spotify =  5%!
Owned Music (smartphone/device) = 17%


The majority of live endorsement reach is 1 to 1, focused commuter, in-car listening.

Live endorsements are SPEAKING to our target in real time, not pushing out images, pop-ups and posts.