We may have big customers, 
 but they appreciate our small company, old fashioned values.


Core values:

  • Honesty, Integrity and Customer Focus:

We know that if we always act with our customer’s best interest; our business takes care of itself.
We do not accept any gifts, tickets, trips, or meals. We are objective and customer focused, always.
(The only exception was when our very valuable Houston talent, who happens to own a world-famous barbeque landmark / concert venue, would not permit me to pay the tab.)

  • Hard Work:

Working on an urgent plan until midnight, or weekend travel for trade shows, managing events during holidays - that is the norm for us. We like it!

  • Humility:

Our customers will tell you; we spend very little time schmoozing the “corner office." 
Our focus is the actual work, in office and in-field. 
We seek out, listen and value EVERYONE’S opinion.
Our most valuable resources are the sales, service and support staff of our customers and vendors. 

  • Responsibility:

Your goals become our top priorities.

  • Confidentiality:

We ONLY work on a category exclusive basis by choice. We marry our customers for LIFE.
We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Competitive and aggressive spirit:

We only solicit customers that will see high ROI from our work. 
They do not spend their ad budget for their egos. 
Instead, they partner with us and WIN tangible sales and market share battles using Live endorsements.

  • Maturity: 

As of 2019, you’re dealing with the “40+” crowd here.
We are problem solvers, handling them maturely and thoroughly, so our customers do not have to.
For 30 years, I have enjoyed working effectively and closely with inside and outside legal departments and regulatory organizations to ensure our customers are always in compliance.
We meet. We use  a phone. We get a lot more done face-to-face and by phone than by clogging up inboxes.

  • Urgency:

Excluding talent and research decisions, we work fast!
Our response time is usually at once.
I (Peter Connolly) love what I do, so I welcome  after-hours calls. 
I want to hear new ideas at all times from EVERYONE.
Getting on a plane to open a new opportunity market, with a couple hour’s-notice, happens often.

Our strong results are from our high touch, not high tech.