Michael Berry, The Czar of Talk

"As a talent endorsing a company, I want to get the absolute best results for Peter’s clients, because he makes me feel invested in the process.  He makes me feel a part of the team promoting the company.  He doesn’t insist on gimmicky lines or cliché phrases that undercut credibility.  We collaborate on the campaign, along with the company itself, so that what I do is an actual ENDORSEMENT, not “advertising”.  He communicates, encourages, engages, and helps me help his client.  Therefore, we get RESULTS for the client, and that is the biggest goal, and we do it by being authentic.  Listeners appreciate that, they respond to that, and I enjoy being a part of that.

Copying Eddie, who may bust your balls but I can tell you is a fan, as he may want to add something from his perspective about dealing with you on the sales side."

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